Monday, 11 September 2017

Cisco 400-051 Question Answer

Which statement describes a disadvantage of using the Cisco TFTP service to serve IP phone
load files?

A. The Cisco TFTP services can run on only one Cisco Unified Communications Manager server in a cluster.
B. BecAuse TFTP operates on top of UDP, there is a high risk of corrupted load file delivery at the completion of the TFTP process due to undetected data loss in the network.
C. If a response is not received in the timeout period, the TFTP server will not resend the data packet.
D. Packet loss can significantly increase the TFTP session completion time.
E. Because TFTP operates with an adaptive timeout period, the time to complete the file transfer is unpredictable.

Answer: D

Which two statements about using the Load Server option for IP phone firmware distribution are true? (Choose two.)

A. This option must be enabled on at least two servers in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster.
B. This option must be enabled on Cisco Unified Communications Manager service parameters for Cisco TFTP.
C. Phone firmware must be manually copied to any applicable load servers.
D. The load server will not function if its IP address is not in the same subnet as the IP phones.
E. This option is only available for newer IP phone models.
F. This option does not accommodate falling back to Cisco TFTP on error.

Answer: CF

Monday, 12 June 2017

Cisco, Google Benefit From Indian Firms' Use of H-1B Program

Cisco Systems Inc. applied for nearly 3,000 H-1B visas in fiscal year 2016, with the intent of hiring people to work on its sprawling, purpose-built campus in the San Jose suburb. These were good jobs - many of them for managerial level logistics and operations research analysts - and paid well. The average annual salary was about $ 120,000. At the top end, the company plans to pay a "senior corporate strategy director" $ 197,000 a year.

But these applications do not tell the whole story of how Cisco planned to use the controversial visa program to complement its workforce. Visa applications submitted accounted for only 40 percent of applications from 2016 for temporary visas for jobs that will be located at its headquarters. The rest were presented by IT companies, mostly from India, seeking to place workers in the company - about 250 companies in all. The only indications that Cisco had anything to do with these applications were the addresses listed as the place of employment, a fact that is not included in the aggregated statistics on H-1B applications published by the Department of Labor. Silicon Valley companies do not mention workers employed by contractors, also known as the contingent labor force, in discussing how they use the program, which means that the image they give is incomplete.

Cisco's use of the visa program has been the subject of public attention over the years as its executives have pushed for its expansion even during multiple rounds of layoffs. The company eliminated 940 jobs at its headquarters in 2016, and 390 more so far this year.

Not all applications resulted in a new job at Cisco - less than a third of the applications for all industries in 2016 were accepted. However, as a whole, applications show that Cisco is more dependent on the H-1B program than it was previously recognized, and that the company uses it in a way that has not been fully understood. Contractors did not apply for visas to cover the type of high-level jobs that Cisco was seeking for itself. Instead, almost all of these visa applications were for jobs that require little or no specialized knowledge. Average wages for those positions were approximately 25 percent lower than jobs that Cisco directly solicited.

"Like many large companies, Cisco works with contracting firms to place highly skilled contract-based workers," Cisco said in a statement. "While we believe it is critical to ensure that highly skilled workers can come to the United States to work and innovate, the vast majority of our contingent workforce are US citizens and permanent residents. Committed to fair market Take into account the immigration status ".

Contractors are also filing many applications for foreign visas to work with other major US technology companies, according to a recent analysis of Labor Department records covering eight large technology companies between October 2015 and October 2016. The Applications submitted by contractors accounted for half of H-1B for jobs at the headquarters of PayPal Holdings Inc., 43 percent of those on the campus of Microsoft Corp., 29 percent at the headquarters of EBay Inc And about a quarter of those of Googleplex. On Facebook Inc., contracting companies filed 12 percent of job applications at their headquarters. According to the analysis, Apple Inc. hardly depends on contractors who employ workers through the H-1B program for its headquarters staff, and Inc. does not seem to use them at all. Contractors include Infosys and Wipro.

A Facebook spokeswoman said the company does not directly handle the jobs described in the applications, but that the company only works with reputed partners. In an e-mail statement, an EBay spokeswoman said the company uses contingent workers to increase the flexibility of its operations. "We work with expert agencies to provide qualified and qualified contractors for a variety of technical functions, some of which may hold H-1B visas. All workers, whether permanent or contractors, must pass the EBay background check To begin the work. "He wrote, adding that the company regularly reviews the personnel companies with which it works. Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet declined to comment on the data. PayPal did not respond to incoming requests

Monday, 17 April 2017

Cisco 400-051 Question Answer

Which protocol does the Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution application use to communicate with Cisco EnergyWise domain members?

A. UDP broadcast
B. Cisco Discovery Protocol
C. UDP unicast
E. multicast

Answer: D

Assuming that the administrator has never performed any manual custom uploads, which two file types can be found when you choose Software Upgrades, followed by TFTP File Management on the Cisco Unified Operating System Administration web page? (Choose two.)

A. IP phone configuration files
B. sample music-on-hold audio files
C. Identity Trust List files
D. IP phone license files
E. Mobile Voice Access audio files
F. softkey template files

Answer: CE

Friday, 11 November 2016

How to Pass Cisco 400-051 Exam

Preparation of any exam is not easy, especially when a person wants to pass it with a good score, same is the case with Cisco 400-051 Exam as it not only requires hard work, but also the practice questions which will assist in the preparation of the CCIE Collaboration Written Exam v1.1 exam. Preparing for the CCIE Collaboration 400-051 certification Exam by getting the 400-051 Questions Answers from a reliable source makes a candidate confident which makes him/her able to score high because confidence is required for gaining success in everything in life. The 400-051 Braindumps are great in a sense that they can turn the weakness of a candidate of not feeling fully prepared for the Cisco CCIE Collaboration Written Exam v1.1 exam into the strength of feeling fully prepared and able to solve every single question no matter how tough it is.

The individual who wants to get the guidance and assistance for passing the 400-051 Test with high score can go for signing up the websites which offer the 400-051 Real Exam Questions because it is the only way to get successful in the Cisco CCIE Collaboration exam. The candidates who are going to appear in the exam can download 400-051 Exam Dumps from the website offering them because it helps them in getting ready for the tough CCIE Collaboration Written Exam v1.1 exam. A person should not think that the 400-051 Exam Questions that they will be given to answer will be tough and they will feel worried when the CCIE Collaboration exam questions will be shown to them because the Cisco 400-051 Practice Test is the perfect thing which not only prepares a person for scoring high, but also makes him/her feel confident about how to Pass 400-051 Exam.

There is a special assistance available on any website for the candidates who want to pass the 400-051 Test for which they offer their service by arranging and giving free 400-051 Dumps that are good for the student’s preparation.  Not only the dumps, but there are also free 400-051 Exam Questions which are not a hectic task to download. The Cisco 400-051 Dumps enhances the performance level of the individuals who are struggling to get the CCIE Collaboration Written Exam v1.1 exam certification and it is a good idea to get the help of the Cisco questions available for the practice because it is the only way through which a person can know that he/she is ready to perform well in the CCIE Collaboration Written Exam v1.1 exam. There are some sources available which provides the 400-051 Test Engine for determining if the person is ready for taking the CCIE Collaboration exam.

The country in which a person lives don’t matter, individuals living in any corner of the world can get the Cisco 400-051 Practice Exam as there is only a requirement of having an internet connection through which a person can download 400-051 Cisco Test Questions. So, there is no need to take tension if the person is not the resident of USA or Canada. Mrcerts offer to download the CCIE Collaboration Written Exam v1.1 400-051 PDF while the others have different processes through which they provide the Cisco 400-051 Study Material to those who need it for the perfect performance and to get the CCIE Collaboration certification with good marks.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Pass4sure 400-051 Question Answer

Which capability is supported by Cisco Discovery Protocol but not by LLDP-MED? 

A. LAN speed and duplex discovery
B. Network policy discovery
C. Location identification discovery
D. Power discovery
E. Trust extension

Answer: E

Which two mechanisms does Cisco EnergyWise use for neighbor discovery? (Choose two.) 

C. UDP broadcast
D. Cisco Discovery Protocol

Answer: C, D

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pass4sure 400-051 Question Answer

Which statement about the Cisco UC on UCS TRC and the third-party server specs-based virtualization support model is true?

A. Both the UC on UCS TRC and the third-party servers spec-based support models have rule-based approaches.
B. The UC on UCS TRC support model has a rule-based approach and the third-party servers spec-based support model has a configuration-based approach.
C. The UC on UCS TRC support model requires a high level of virtualization experience while the third-party server spec-based support model requires a low to
medium level virtualization experience.
D. VMware vCenter is mandatory for the UC on UCS TRC support model but it is optional for the third-party server spec-based support model.
E. VMware vCenter is optional for the UC on UCS TRC support model but it is mandatory for the third-party server spec-based support model.

Answer: E

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Pass4sure 400-051 Question Answer

Which four attributes are needed to determine the time to complete a TFTP file transfer process? (Choose four.)

A. file size
B. file type
C. network interface type
D. round-trip time
E. packet loss percentage
F. response timeout
G. network throughput

Answer: ADEF

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